Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Be more dog


Relating to my last post, I wouldn't mind a cat like this. A catdog or a dogcat. Even better, a Puppykitten! ^_^. This Ad made me smile so much, incase you lot ain't seen it yet, have a wee look - it'll make your day.

FLASH- Aaaaaahhhh ~

A World Without Cats

Russell Howard's Good News - A World Without Cats.
I personally don't really like cats, I'm more of a dog person really. BUT I do like Kittens, I mean who doesn't? I agree that a world without cat videos wouldn't be worth living in. I am too, a fan of cheezburger cats. Not going to lie to you guys but I did spend a good few months dedicating my time to googling cat memes. Oh Yeah- Grumpy cat, He's awesome, watching some of the original youtube videos of him and you will see he is about the size of a kitten. A grumpy kitten. I need one. Anyway, enjoy.
Sooo, Hey! The name's Kirsty, 18 years, currently unemployed - I did just finish college for those of you who may find.. interest in.. that. (HNC in Media, WHOOP!)
Unemployment, as many may know can either be the most BORING TIME OF YOUR LIFE. You may have a gaming console, you may have a TV, you may have Facebook and you may even have (if you were to be so lucky) a social life - that stretches beyond the internet and into the depths of face to face contact. Go you!. but even so, you're skint, you can't buy games, you can't afford LIVE, you can't go out and buy a book 'cos you've got no money for a FREAKING BUS. 
So anywayyy, back to subject, I decided to start a blog. I intentionally wanted to start vlogs, because I watch A LOT of youtube videos, mainly vlogs as you may guess - buuuut i don't have a camera. 
I'm gonna see how this blogging goes, whether or not I like it and more importantly if you guys and girls like it. 
Will probably do reviews on films, on youtubers, random videos, games maybe and maybe talk about some serious subjects.
That's the main topics anyway, in between will just be me.. rambling. You're very Welcome.