Sunday, 18 August 2013

Top 15 Catchy Songs

Just a 'I'm bored blog' about songs that I find incredibly catchy.
Going to do top... 15.
Bare in mind its my opinion xD

K x

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Elementary TV Series - My Thoughts

Brief Summary: 
Elementary is an american crime drama series but is basically an american version of Sherlock Holmes shown in America, for those of you who don't know. It is shown on CBS and was premiered about September last year. There are currently about 24 episodes. I think. I wouldn't come here for reliable info, I'm more into rambling about my opinion when it comes to TV shows/Films.
Sherlock has a unique set of skills that help in the solving of crimes etc and the NYPD work with him. Buuuuut he is also a recovering drug addict which is where Watson comes in as his companion to make sure he doesn't go off the rails again. She is paid by Sherlock's father to keep on track.
She eventually comes to realize that he is very different to any other patient that she's had before. She starts to get very attached to him and enjoys the kind of work he does so she starts to get involved (with his work).

My thoughts:

I love Sherlock Holmes

In this show Watson is a woman, where at first I was like... why?
I read somewhere that it was because an american audience didn't like the idea of two men living together? Don't take my word for it, have a look, I'm not too sure.
But I actually came to love her, she is played by Lucy Liu and herself and Jonny Lee Miller (Sherlock) make a wonderful duo - as they should. Its Holmes and Watson. 

First 10 episodes, I loved the show, it as witty funny and gritty at the same time. It is a lot lighter than many crime dramas released in recent times which is a refreshing change. 
I like this Sherlock just as much as the others and I think Jonny plays him very well. In all honesty when I first heard about this show's release - I pictured Sherlock to be just like he is, he's the lovable, twitchy detective. I love his look and the story of his rehabilitation is great, in the way that despite his set of skills - he still is human, he has been down a dark path that many have been before. I admire him but also sympathize with him.

Using Clyde the Tortoise as a Paperweight

I have to admit though that I have become easily distracted when watching the newer episodes. It fails to hold my attention and I end up getting restless and bored at times, so much so that my mind wanders off and I miss the main storyline of the episode. But not really feeling the urge to watch the episode again.

All in all I would say that the show is funny and interesting - depending on the episode. You will laugh. But I would say it was a show that you'd put on because there's not much else to do. 
It's no Walking Dead or Breaking Bad, you don't get too attatched.

Also its not BBC's Sherlock Holmes either.

I was thinking about how Jonny Lee Miller would make a good doctor. He'd be awesome.

Thats all on Elementary for now,
See ya
K x

Oh yeah, y'know how you sometimes have those days where you wake up, look in the mirror and you're all like "Daaaaaamn, I look Fiiiinnnnne!"

Well I had that this morning, jel? Well I thought I'd share and also 'cos you might wanna know what I look like :) :

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Freestyle Ice Skating (Just a wee post)

Right now I'm sitting waiting on my music to Sync onto my phone and there's still 1032 tracks to go...

So I decided to Blog about something and the subject I have chosen is... Ice skating.

Not figure skating tho, I think people who are able to skate like this are incredibly talented but I never personally wanted to do it. I was a bit, still am a bit tomboyish in a way.
I decided on taking up freestyle ice skating.

Here's a video example from some freestyle-rs on youtube, a team called XISTH:

I started to go ice skating with a friend during summer, just for something to do really. We started to go to the 'Ice Disco' at our local leisure centre, which as you can guess is more for youngsters and young teens - there was a DJ, dark with strobe lights and colourful.. other disco lights haha.

heres kinda what it looked like: 

It was awesome at the time, we were 15, I think. Ashamed to say this but one of the reasons we went was because a lot of boys our age went.

But I did really enjoy the skating part of it haha.

I eventually started to realize the boys at the rink we're really interested in me, I didn't look my best at that time to be honest - hair too short for me, chubby and joggers. Yeah, I'm glad I snapped outta that!
Anyway after noticing that my friend was the one getting the male attention out of the two of us, I started to be more interesting in the guys, not in an attracted to them way but they're skating abilities.

The things they could do were amazing and I wanted to be able to do that. So instead of wasting my time trying to flirt, I got lessons off of them and started to get really good.

I'm not amazing but one day I hope to be able to do things like these King's: 

So i'm hoping to get a lot better but the ice rink its shut atm for re-icing -_-
ugh. My skates will be al dusty :(

Just a wee post 

K x

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Breaking Bad, Why I love it & Season 5 thoughts.

Okay, so know that I've found the time and feel  bit better, I shall post about my beloved Breaking Bad. It's not going to be very detailed, just kind of basic. 'Cos I'm tired in all honesty haha.

Breaking Bad came into my life about a year ago when I was over at a friend's flat and he was sat watching it. It was the episode where Badger is trying to get drugs off a drug dealer who turns out to be DEA. I believe this is the episode that we were properly introduced to Badger, I can't remember the episode number or name and I'm too lazy to look it up. Anyyyways; it was at a point where I didn't see much of Walt or Jesse and the show didn't look that interesting or appealing in all honesty.
This was obviously because I didn't know much about it.

My friend strongly recommended it and I wasn't too excited about it haha.

When I got Netflix, I was browsing stuff when I came across it. So, I gave it a watch.

Oh my lordy I thought to myself, where has this been hiding my whole life.
It got to the point where I would shut off completely from the outside world and watch episode after episode, it was incredibly addicting.
Shortly, I became one of these folks, no shame (Par the Wire, I ain't seen it): 

Now into the depths:
The story line of the show was what really reeled me in. A chemistry teacher develops cancer so decides to start making crystal meth to save money for his family after he has passed. Shit's gonna go down, right? 
The show is so tense and gritty, so many changes and each episode manages to grip my attention and keep me guessing about what's going to happen next.  

I loved Walt and Jesse as a duo, I think they are really hilarious at times, their contrast in personalities can be funny yet extremely tense and nail biting. But they do have one thing in common; meth. Walt takes on a mentoring role to Jesse and Jesse looks up to him in this way, looking for some kind of guidance and wisdom, although he might not seem prominent a lot of the time, it's subtle and it's there all right.
Over season 5 we see Walt lie to Jesse's face, he is betraying the trust Jesse had in him. He starts to get deadly serious in a scary kind of way. He has morphed more into an anti-hero and a villainous character. Now, we see Jesse more as Walt's victim, he is manipulating him.

Season 5 ep. 9: The opening to this, in my opinion, could not have been better. It was perfect. The way he showed up at the house with a car boot full of guns. The house is all fenced off, which gives it a criminal and prison-like feel into it. Obviously his family have left him a while ago, hence state of the house, now just to see how it plays out. His name is scrawled over the wall - this tells us that his identity has been revealed and its just a matter of when and how he is revealed, the guns in his car suggest he is on the run and needs defense. His neighbour drops her shopping bag in shock which can only tell us that he is now known to peope as an incredibly dangerous man. 
The real interesting part is what he goes into the house and collects that small tube of Ricin. 
He's out to kill, but who? 

Jesse seems to be wasting away. The blood money appears to have gotten deep into his head, guilt setting in. He is decaying and beginning to lose it. He can't get his head out of the past, it keeps festering away at his brain and it is destroying him. Once again Walt lies straight in Jesse's face. Which makes me think that once Jesse finds out the truth, himself and Hank will "Team up" in a way to bring him down.
Hank is incredibly angry and frustrated, how could Walt do this? Do this to him? How could he do it all?
He is determined to bring him down. But Walt is a dangerous man and Hank should probably "Tread Lightly". 

So yeah, with the car wash, being out of the circle for a month, he starts to think his life is back on track. 
And it's all about to come crashing down, the next episodes are going to be so action packed and tense...eeeeeeeeee I cannot wait.
I actually can't wait to see Walt crumble, I mean, he did kill Mike. I loved that guy <3


See y'all, was kinda short and I apologize, i'm sleepeh. 
K x

Hateful because of a Dream... and in general.

I woke up at like 5 this morning having a dream that wasn't really a dream... 'cos I woke up.

My brain tends to conquer up these weird but incredibly realistic scenarios - when I'm between the dreamworld and reality.

It's really not helpful because a lot of the time it's about something bad about someone close to me. For example: My boyfriend. I'll have a... scenario about him doing something wrong, saying something dickish to me or like... cheating. Now bare in mind I don't mean to think of these things... it just happens. 

And it's sooooo goddamn realistic that sometimes it takes a while to figure out whether it was a memory or just a dream haha. 

ugghhhh, so for like the whole morning I'll lie in bed pissed off with him and just feeling hateful. But, like, I don't tell him obviously because he ain't done anything wrong. By the time I see him that day the scenario will have faded and I would just think of it as a dream, I'm not mad at him.

Which is a relief 'cos it'd be awkward trying to explain why I was mad at him.

Basically, no matter who it is in the scenario, for most mornings I curl up into a little ball of hate. Just with general thoughts too. 

Using my boyfriend as an example wasn't probably the best idea but it was the easiest one haha. Now y'all probably think I'm the worst kinda girlfriend, maybe a bit scary in a way but I assure you I'm actually not too bad.

The scenarios with Kenny (Bf) don't actually happen that often, it's actually very rare to be very honest with you. 

More common ones are what my friends do or even my family. I even have ones about people I don't really know par their face!

It's really frustrating. 
But after morning, I just kinda laugh about it.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut in general, just so yous know I am quite a critical and hateful person - except in a quiet way. I generally don't talk much or enjoy social gatherings. I won't straight up go and tell someone what I think of them, it's not fair because chances are, I've never really spoken to them and they've never really spoken to me haha.

I usually just sit back in social gatherings analyzing everyone there, I find it easy to read people, I've always been a quiet person so you get used to just observing. I just concentrate on how they talk, facial expressions, things they say, the way they react when someone interrupts them during talking, general body language....etc etc etc.

But eventually I'll analyze them enough to find something that annoys me about them and just start to dislike them. I don't mean it. They ain't done anything bad towards me - they've actually been quite friendly. It's just I see something that pushes my buttons (in the bad way). 

It's not something like their irritating spray of saliva they make when they pronounce an 'S', no it's a lot deeper, why are they where they are, their relations to people, the way they carry themselves....

I don't feel that way about everyone of course, I have close friends and a partner. I have a very good understanding, even though something about them might irritate me, there's some parts I actually quite like - I like how similar they are to me.

In a sense.

Thought of theeeeee morning. 

Have a nice day! 
K x

Btw, I WILLL post about breaking bad, just been feeling a bit iffy. It will come
Cover photo bit is from Shane Koyczan, 'To this day' video.    

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Galaxy S4, HTC One Or Xperia Z?

Recently I've been trying to decide on whether to get an Galaxy S4, HTC One or an Xperia Z from Sony.

It's tough, it really is. 
Atm I have an LG, which is scratched and worn within an inch of its life. I've been through a LOT of phones including android, smartphones and an iphone. I know quite a great deal about them, funnily enough. My last phone was a HTC desire Z. This was best phone I think I've ever had before. It was beautiful, it was wonderful to use, the camera was stunning (for that time) and it was like every phone combined in a way. But I stood on it. It would take £60 quid to fix but I was still in school and I lived off of money from parents. 

So it left my life. 

I decided on my little LG because it was sturdy and cheap. Out of the 13 phones I've had, I'd say... 9 of them I broke. So i was against having an expensive phone again.

Until Now!

I've caved in. I really want the highest of the highest. 

Because I've started doing blogs and plan on doing Vlogs, I figured it would be great to be able to blog "on the go" and because I just reeeeeaaaally want one. Plus all three of the choices have 13mp cameras which would be decent for a first time vloggerrrrr. I think. 

And I miss gaming on a phone :'( 

I do love Samsung to pieces, I really do but... I mean everyone has an s4 now... and well I've always liked to be a bit different when it comes to phones, I customize everything to the Max. With the s4 it doesn't really feel like much of a personal or private styled phone. It feels open and incredibly social - even has a sort of friends and family    feel to it. 

When I think of the s4 I think of clouds and open meadows. I'm not saying they're bad things but I just don't.. look at a phone in that way.
I mean, Life Companion, reaaaaaally? 
I think the s4 is a beaut, don't get me wrong but some of the things they have added such as the "eye scroll", awesome as they are, I don't need these kinda things on my phone. It's just novelty and its gonna wear off unfortunately.

Now the HTC One. As I mentioned I enjoyed my time with my HTC but I heard bad reviews of HTC phones in general. I'm slightly put off by the idea that they are concentrated on the speakers being at the front. Now having speakers on the back of a phone never really bothered me, at all. But apparently it must have upset some people. I listened to the sound quality in an o2 store not too long ago and holy shit it was good, no denying that. 

I feel though that HTC is going to be the same old, same old. But then again old can be good, why fix something that doesn't need fixing?

But the HTC doesn't excite me as much as the Xperia Z does tho. I feel like not a great deal of light has been shed on Sony's newest development. This is the kind of phone that I like; Dark, sleek, smooth and private. 
It is mainly glass all over which is lovely :). 

I always feel that people watch what I text etc. when I'm on a bus. I don't like it haha. But with the Xperia you pretty much have to be looking straight on at the phone to see everything, from the side it becomes dark and difficult to see - which is what I like. Also it has a Walkman! (obvs) I'm a sucker for Walkman. 

Only thing is, if I were to get this phone I would definitely get insurance as I have had a problem with a few Sonys breaking in the past (not down to me) but hopefully this model will be fine ^_^

After all, it is waterproof, you're gunna expect it to last, right?  

You may have caught on that I have favoured the Xperia Z out of the three. Yeah, I've fallen in love with it. So, this has all kinda been a lie... "which one to choose?!". I already knew deep down ;)

Anyway just thought I would share my thoughts on these 4G phones and I'll update you when I purchase my beloved Xperia
Feel free to comment your own opinion and views! :)
K x 

Maybe its something to do with Z? 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Depression

I've decided to start posting about my depression. You may call it an illness but I personally see it as an effect of the way society has socially constructed unrealistic ideas on everything, for example: Beauty.

When it comes to talking about my problems to people, friends or even family, I can't do it. There is some mental and physical barrier. When I'm asked what I'm depressed about, I try my best -I really do- to tell you, but I can't; I just start crying. And even when I stop crying, you'll ask again and I'll start wailing again - same ball game. I could write it down, but having someone read it just makes me feel sick inside. I don't  want the burden of my own twisted mentality hanging over the head of someone close to me. 
I tried talking to a doctor. Unfortunately she was very clinical, not to tied up in the emotional side of it, she was more about the chemical imbalance, which was fair enough, I to was interested in this side of it. I have an interest in how the brain functions etc etc etc. Anyhoo, you may be wondering how I managed to talk to her and tell her my problems. Well, I didn't really. I bullet pointed my main problems on a post-it note the night before and slid it across the desk to her. Genius, I know. While she read it, I sat awkwardly waiting, following her eyes down the list to see which part of my novel she was at. I did start to well up and I started to have a mild panic attack about what this woman was thinking. In my head I kept telling myself, "You need to keep it together Kirsty, All you ever do if fecking cry all the fecking time! Keep it together, TO-GE-THE-R..". And I'm proud to say I did. 
I got anti depressants and pills for anxiety. I was due back in 2 weeks time but I never did go back. Mainly because I was scared. I often feared that I was viewed as a young teenage girl seeking attention (which believe me, If you knew me, that was the last thing I wanted). Also I didn't want to be on medication long term. Obviously it sorts out the imbalance but only if you take them (well duh). If I were to come off them, I'd be back to being a mess; that's when I came to the realization that I need to make changes in my life and alter my mentality to ultimately get better. To be happy. And that's what I've been doing recently, I am noticing slight differences but there are long periods of time where I fall into my pit of hate and horribleness.

So, now that you have a reasonable* understanding of what I am going through or kinda have an insight to what some of my cheery posts are going to be based around, here's a list of my components that I'll ramble about:

Myself/Personality/Self Loathing 
Being A Woman
How Society Views Me
Are We Really Free?

I may talk about all of these, not in order, only when I feel comfortable about opening up my thoughts on each one. I may even post about ones not included in the list, who knows. 
The reason I decided to post about my depression is because I feel comfortable in this blog, I don't know anyone personally on this so it's like... a diary in a way. Except not so... secret haha!

Thanks for reading, 
AgentK x

*You will notice I will use this word A LOT as I am rather fond of it. 

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Be more dog


Relating to my last post, I wouldn't mind a cat like this. A catdog or a dogcat. Even better, a Puppykitten! ^_^. This Ad made me smile so much, incase you lot ain't seen it yet, have a wee look - it'll make your day.

FLASH- Aaaaaahhhh ~

A World Without Cats

Russell Howard's Good News - A World Without Cats.
I personally don't really like cats, I'm more of a dog person really. BUT I do like Kittens, I mean who doesn't? I agree that a world without cat videos wouldn't be worth living in. I am too, a fan of cheezburger cats. Not going to lie to you guys but I did spend a good few months dedicating my time to googling cat memes. Oh Yeah- Grumpy cat, He's awesome, watching some of the original youtube videos of him and you will see he is about the size of a kitten. A grumpy kitten. I need one. Anyway, enjoy.
Sooo, Hey! The name's Kirsty, 18 years, currently unemployed - I did just finish college for those of you who may find.. interest in.. that. (HNC in Media, WHOOP!)
Unemployment, as many may know can either be the most BORING TIME OF YOUR LIFE. You may have a gaming console, you may have a TV, you may have Facebook and you may even have (if you were to be so lucky) a social life - that stretches beyond the internet and into the depths of face to face contact. Go you!. but even so, you're skint, you can't buy games, you can't afford LIVE, you can't go out and buy a book 'cos you've got no money for a FREAKING BUS. 
So anywayyy, back to subject, I decided to start a blog. I intentionally wanted to start vlogs, because I watch A LOT of youtube videos, mainly vlogs as you may guess - buuuut i don't have a camera. 
I'm gonna see how this blogging goes, whether or not I like it and more importantly if you guys and girls like it. 
Will probably do reviews on films, on youtubers, random videos, games maybe and maybe talk about some serious subjects.
That's the main topics anyway, in between will just be me.. rambling. You're very Welcome.