Saturday, 17 August 2013

Elementary TV Series - My Thoughts

Brief Summary: 
Elementary is an american crime drama series but is basically an american version of Sherlock Holmes shown in America, for those of you who don't know. It is shown on CBS and was premiered about September last year. There are currently about 24 episodes. I think. I wouldn't come here for reliable info, I'm more into rambling about my opinion when it comes to TV shows/Films.
Sherlock has a unique set of skills that help in the solving of crimes etc and the NYPD work with him. Buuuuut he is also a recovering drug addict which is where Watson comes in as his companion to make sure he doesn't go off the rails again. She is paid by Sherlock's father to keep on track.
She eventually comes to realize that he is very different to any other patient that she's had before. She starts to get very attached to him and enjoys the kind of work he does so she starts to get involved (with his work).

My thoughts:

I love Sherlock Holmes

In this show Watson is a woman, where at first I was like... why?
I read somewhere that it was because an american audience didn't like the idea of two men living together? Don't take my word for it, have a look, I'm not too sure.
But I actually came to love her, she is played by Lucy Liu and herself and Jonny Lee Miller (Sherlock) make a wonderful duo - as they should. Its Holmes and Watson. 

First 10 episodes, I loved the show, it as witty funny and gritty at the same time. It is a lot lighter than many crime dramas released in recent times which is a refreshing change. 
I like this Sherlock just as much as the others and I think Jonny plays him very well. In all honesty when I first heard about this show's release - I pictured Sherlock to be just like he is, he's the lovable, twitchy detective. I love his look and the story of his rehabilitation is great, in the way that despite his set of skills - he still is human, he has been down a dark path that many have been before. I admire him but also sympathize with him.

Using Clyde the Tortoise as a Paperweight

I have to admit though that I have become easily distracted when watching the newer episodes. It fails to hold my attention and I end up getting restless and bored at times, so much so that my mind wanders off and I miss the main storyline of the episode. But not really feeling the urge to watch the episode again.

All in all I would say that the show is funny and interesting - depending on the episode. You will laugh. But I would say it was a show that you'd put on because there's not much else to do. 
It's no Walking Dead or Breaking Bad, you don't get too attatched.

Also its not BBC's Sherlock Holmes either.

I was thinking about how Jonny Lee Miller would make a good doctor. He'd be awesome.

Thats all on Elementary for now,
See ya
K x

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