Thursday, 15 August 2013

Freestyle Ice Skating (Just a wee post)

Right now I'm sitting waiting on my music to Sync onto my phone and there's still 1032 tracks to go...

So I decided to Blog about something and the subject I have chosen is... Ice skating.

Not figure skating tho, I think people who are able to skate like this are incredibly talented but I never personally wanted to do it. I was a bit, still am a bit tomboyish in a way.
I decided on taking up freestyle ice skating.

Here's a video example from some freestyle-rs on youtube, a team called XISTH:

I started to go ice skating with a friend during summer, just for something to do really. We started to go to the 'Ice Disco' at our local leisure centre, which as you can guess is more for youngsters and young teens - there was a DJ, dark with strobe lights and colourful.. other disco lights haha.

heres kinda what it looked like: 

It was awesome at the time, we were 15, I think. Ashamed to say this but one of the reasons we went was because a lot of boys our age went.

But I did really enjoy the skating part of it haha.

I eventually started to realize the boys at the rink we're really interested in me, I didn't look my best at that time to be honest - hair too short for me, chubby and joggers. Yeah, I'm glad I snapped outta that!
Anyway after noticing that my friend was the one getting the male attention out of the two of us, I started to be more interesting in the guys, not in an attracted to them way but they're skating abilities.

The things they could do were amazing and I wanted to be able to do that. So instead of wasting my time trying to flirt, I got lessons off of them and started to get really good.

I'm not amazing but one day I hope to be able to do things like these King's: 

So i'm hoping to get a lot better but the ice rink its shut atm for re-icing -_-
ugh. My skates will be al dusty :(

Just a wee post 

K x

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