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Breaking Bad, Why I love it & Season 5 thoughts.

Okay, so know that I've found the time and feel  bit better, I shall post about my beloved Breaking Bad. It's not going to be very detailed, just kind of basic. 'Cos I'm tired in all honesty haha.

Breaking Bad came into my life about a year ago when I was over at a friend's flat and he was sat watching it. It was the episode where Badger is trying to get drugs off a drug dealer who turns out to be DEA. I believe this is the episode that we were properly introduced to Badger, I can't remember the episode number or name and I'm too lazy to look it up. Anyyyways; it was at a point where I didn't see much of Walt or Jesse and the show didn't look that interesting or appealing in all honesty.
This was obviously because I didn't know much about it.

My friend strongly recommended it and I wasn't too excited about it haha.

When I got Netflix, I was browsing stuff when I came across it. So, I gave it a watch.

Oh my lordy I thought to myself, where has this been hiding my whole life.
It got to the point where I would shut off completely from the outside world and watch episode after episode, it was incredibly addicting.
Shortly, I became one of these folks, no shame (Par the Wire, I ain't seen it): 

Now into the depths:
The story line of the show was what really reeled me in. A chemistry teacher develops cancer so decides to start making crystal meth to save money for his family after he has passed. Shit's gonna go down, right? 
The show is so tense and gritty, so many changes and each episode manages to grip my attention and keep me guessing about what's going to happen next.  

I loved Walt and Jesse as a duo, I think they are really hilarious at times, their contrast in personalities can be funny yet extremely tense and nail biting. But they do have one thing in common; meth. Walt takes on a mentoring role to Jesse and Jesse looks up to him in this way, looking for some kind of guidance and wisdom, although he might not seem prominent a lot of the time, it's subtle and it's there all right.
Over season 5 we see Walt lie to Jesse's face, he is betraying the trust Jesse had in him. He starts to get deadly serious in a scary kind of way. He has morphed more into an anti-hero and a villainous character. Now, we see Jesse more as Walt's victim, he is manipulating him.

Season 5 ep. 9: The opening to this, in my opinion, could not have been better. It was perfect. The way he showed up at the house with a car boot full of guns. The house is all fenced off, which gives it a criminal and prison-like feel into it. Obviously his family have left him a while ago, hence state of the house, now just to see how it plays out. His name is scrawled over the wall - this tells us that his identity has been revealed and its just a matter of when and how he is revealed, the guns in his car suggest he is on the run and needs defense. His neighbour drops her shopping bag in shock which can only tell us that he is now known to peope as an incredibly dangerous man. 
The real interesting part is what he goes into the house and collects that small tube of Ricin. 
He's out to kill, but who? 

Jesse seems to be wasting away. The blood money appears to have gotten deep into his head, guilt setting in. He is decaying and beginning to lose it. He can't get his head out of the past, it keeps festering away at his brain and it is destroying him. Once again Walt lies straight in Jesse's face. Which makes me think that once Jesse finds out the truth, himself and Hank will "Team up" in a way to bring him down.
Hank is incredibly angry and frustrated, how could Walt do this? Do this to him? How could he do it all?
He is determined to bring him down. But Walt is a dangerous man and Hank should probably "Tread Lightly". 

So yeah, with the car wash, being out of the circle for a month, he starts to think his life is back on track. 
And it's all about to come crashing down, the next episodes are going to be so action packed and tense...eeeeeeeeee I cannot wait.
I actually can't wait to see Walt crumble, I mean, he did kill Mike. I loved that guy <3


See y'all, was kinda short and I apologize, i'm sleepeh. 
K x

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