Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Did that really happen?

Ever have those moments in life where you wake up trying to figure out if something really happened or not? Whether you had dreamt it that the situation simply happened only within your head?
Of course you have.
It happened recently to me, was having a conversation with a friend and they said something that made me snap slightly, I replied with a distasteful reply. Well not so much rude or out of order, it was my opinion, something i'd been trying to hold back from saying for a while now.

For reasons simple as not wanting to upset my friend but also because a lot of the things that filter through my head out my mouth should probably remain clogged up there.

But I can't remember if I said it.

Did I dream it? Or say it to myself?
Or did I just blurt it out?

Still dunno.

K x

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